The Easiest Way to Learn How to Freestyle Rap

Freestyle Rap TutorialsI’ve never really been big on hip hop music. But then I learned about freestyle rap and my whole world changed. I wasn’t even the biggest music fan in the world, but I did enjoy a tune or two. Poetry on the other hand was really my passion. So when I first saw my introduction to the world of freestyle rapping I was in shock and awe.

How could these seemingly normal poets think of these things off the top of their heads in the moment? I was flabbergasted. So I started to dig into the art of freestyle rap more. First I turned to Google and did some searches for how to freestyle. I was not very successful in finding anything too great that would help me learn about the artform.

So next I went to YouTube to search out some freestyle battle videos. And man I was confronted with a whole slew of video recorded rap freestyle battles that happened all around the world. From large rap battle leagues to smaller local-city battles there was an abundance of material. I watched through everything I possibly could. I couldn’t stop watching various videos. It was amazing to me.

After I did that I went back on my quest to learn how to freestyle rap. I was always a writer of poetry and I was pretty gosh-darn tooting at it too. But I could never imaging coming up with vivid imagery and crazily clever metaphors off the top of my head with no writing and no rehearsal. So I wanted to learn more. I wanted to learn how these poets that were so great did it. How did they come up with these crazy lines that not only made sense and made you say wow but also rhyme the lines together. I was hooked.

But I couldn’t find a really good freestyle rap tutorial because it just wasn’t a lot of information in the mainstream. So I decided to dig deeper and really find a site to show me ways to freestyle better. I couldn’t really find much until I saw this pretty good post on a website. I read the entire post and can honestly say it gives you some good information on the things you need to know to freestyle rap better.

All I can say is that if you choose to learn freestyle rapping then the post is a good place to start. I couldn’t find much at first, but hopefully this will help some people out when they’re first getting started. So, if you want to learn how to freestyle read that post now!